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Mikhail & Conney B.: I bought the wig last week and it arrived on the day as said it will.I have been into wigs lately and I can say that this wig is pretty much how it looks like in the photo. It is thick but not heavy and the wig is nice I just feel like the wig is a little bit glossy and shiny. I like that it came it hair wrap and lashes. For the price it is, I think worth it

 Damel: I usually buy really cheap wigs like half this price but this was my first lace front wig! It was very easy and quick to cut and blend to look natural, with the help of a YouTube tutorial since it was my first time. I ordered the 12 inch and it was well worth the price! Has a bit of a weird smell to the roots, but it's faint enough that it doesn't really bother me.

Tasha J: I love everything about this wig. The cut, how it flows, the feel of it, EVERYTHING!! Straight out of the package I liked the way it laid and the softness of it. Then after I cut the extra lace, plucked the part a little and added some concealer I fell in love even more. Now the wing is just fine as is if you wear a nude colored cap under it but I just did the plucking and concealer for my benefit. I definitely recommend this piece especially if you're looking for something natural looking. I think this is my new go-to wig.

Ashate: Love this wig! Realistic flows great, totally worth the price plus more! May need some layering in the front to frame the face but that's about it. The part is realistic, I added some concealer for extra blending but it's fine without it also. You won't regret buying this one!